Coronavirus: common questions

Can I still go out?
It is important for everyone to stay at home as much as possible but you can go out once a day for a walk, a run or a bike ride on you own or with someone you live with if you want company or need support. You can also go to a food shop or pharmacy if you need to buy something.
If you do go out, make sure you keep a big distance (so you can’t touch them) between you and other people you don’t live with.

What if I think I might be ill?
If you think you are ill, then you and the people you live with, need to stay at home and not go out to shop or take exercise. If you don’t feel better after a week or if you are finding it difficult to breathe then you need to call 111 and tell them about how you are feeling and answer their questions. They will then tell you what to do.

But how will we make sure we have enough food?
It is OK if a friend or a neighbour (if they are not ill) to buy food and leave it on your doorstep. If possible, make sure that whoever gets your food or prescriptions is someone who you know well. If you’re not sure, you can phone us to talk about it.

What if there is no one to buy my food or get my prescriptions?
If you need help, you can call Croydon Mencap on 020 8684 5890 or email and ask for help. Someone from Croydon Mencap will then get in touch.

What should I do if I am having problems with money at the moment?
You can call or email us and we will help you. We may need to speak to other organisations to get extra support from them.

What can I do if I am stressed or unhappy?
It is normal to feel stressed or unhappy at the moment. You can call or email us and someone will be in touch to talk to you.
We are here for you.