Croydon Mencap are advertising for new Trustees, both Ordinary Members and a Treasurer, to join our Board

Croydon Mencap represents the interests of people with learning disabilities, their families and carers within the London Borough of Croydon. We are a charitable voluntary organisation and registered charity with our own Board of voluntary Trustees/Directors. Croydon Mencap’s purpose is to provide advice, information and support through a range of projects and services. Croydon Mencap is affiliated to Royal Mencap but is not financially supported or governed by its National body. You can find out more about us on our website or by visiting our Facebook or Twitter.
As a trustee you will be able to use your skills and experience and have a direct influence over a cause you care about. It is a rewarding role, but there are responsibilities meaning you will need to give up enough time to help your charity succeed. Being a Trustee of a Charity means you are there to look after the charity’s work and ensure that it uses its money and resources properly, and that it is managed effectively through the paid staff. Trustees are also Company Directors as Croydon Mencap is registered as a company limited by guarantee. As Treasurer you will also have specific duties related to the oversight and management of the Charity’s finances, providing direction and operational support to the paid staff.
The Board of Trustees meets on average 4 times a year and everyone is also expected to attend the Annual General Meeting and an annual ‘Away Day’. Trustees may also be involved in short term specific interest task groups. If necessary, training is made available where needed e.g. to raise greater awareness to the needs of people with learning disabilities or carers’ issues.
Initially the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer will interview applicants and Trustees can be co-opted throughout the year by the Board. A number of checks are carried out prior to appointment, including a declaration that the potential trustee is not disqualified from standing. Once you have expressed an interest in joining the Croydon Mencap Board of Trustees the Chief Executive Officer or the Chairman will contact you and invite you for a meeting.
We are seeking applications for Ordinary Members and a Treasurer. We would also welcome applications from people with experience and/or interest in the areas below:

Trustee with a special interest in Marketing / Art & Design
for example
• Design / Art (creative/graphic design)
• Branding… charity/corporate, product or service
• Digital media/marketing relations and/or social media
• Copywriting (beneficial not essential)
An ideal candidate would be willing to…
• Lead on the development of a ‘simple’ small charity Marketing Plan
• Advise or contribute to internal and external digital media ideas relation to membership and services
• Advise on charity brand development (Designing leaflets, ideas for events branding etc.)

Trustee with a special interest in Legal matters
for example
• Data Protection
• Charity law
• Employment
• Contracts
• Risk management
An ideal candidate would be willing to…
• Lead or make a major contribution to all board business relating to legal matters
• Join or advise the board on charity governance om workforce and service delivery matters
• Take a broad base approach to contributing to issues relating to legal matters as they occur

For more information and an application pack, please contact Jo at