Clubs @ Leslie Park


Clubs @ Leslie Park has been running since August 2005, supporting young adults with learning disabilities to have fun and develop their skills and talents.

Members attend for between 1 and 5 days per week.

They take part in different clubs in the local community, according to what they want to do.

Clubs include

  • art
  • basketball
  • bowling
  • computer skills
  • cooking
  • dance
  • drama at Fairfield Halls
  • football
  • tai chi
  • tennis
  • yoga

Clubs @ Leslie Park also supports its members in developing their everyday living skills, to live healthy lives and fulfil their potential.

For more information, contact

Kat Edwards
telephone 020 8662 9201

Clubs @ Leslie Park videos

1) Lockdown @ Leslie Park, made in 2020 in the 1st lockdown

2) Don’t Hold Me Back Project, a really exciting new project for 2021!