Group of adults having fun

Our Vision

Our Vision is that Croydon is a place where children and adults with a disability are valued equally, listened to, and included.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide support, services and a ‘voice’ for Croydon residents with a learning disability, children with disabilities, their families and carers, promoting positive attitudes and improving the quality of their lives.


Our Values

Our values describe the way we will work with the people we support, their families and carers -

  • Aspiring – we want to work together so we can achieve the most we can do
  • Caring – we care about each other
  • Trusting – we can be trusted because we always do what we say. We will explain what we are doing and why we are doing it
  • Valuing – we value people and their contribution
  • Enabling – we work together so that everyone can help make Croydon Mencap be better


What we want

  • Croydon to be a great place for people with a disability and their carers to live
  • people with a disability to be given opportunities to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives in a style of their choosing
  • families of children and adults with disabilities to feel supported, to have their voices heard