Transition Workshop 6 - Managing anxiety & challenging behaviour in young people with learning disabilities & autism (aged 14+)

Wednesday 09 February 2022
11:00 to 14:00

Free online workshop for parents of young people with disabilities from age 14 to 25.

Anxiety and challenging behaviour are 2 aspects of a young person’s additional needs that become more difficult to manage as they become older. This can sometimes result in your child struggling to attend school, closeting themselves and not participating in family life and challenging behaviour.

 Dr Mark Brown, founder of Special Help 4 Special Needs has over 30 years’ experience working with people with neurodiverse issues and/or learning disabilities to not only help the young person but their families manage the changes and development of their child. He is widely considered as a specialist in this field.

This session includes

  • an understanding of anxiety and why your child may struggle to manage it themselves
  • why anxiety and behaviour can become more challenging as young people with additional needs become older
  • how anxiety and challenging behaviour in young adults can impact upon all those involved
  • the impact of anxiety/challenging behaviour upon education & home life e.g. school refusal, self-isolation
  • how the environment affects what happens
  • how to help support the individual with ongoing developmental issues which can affect behaviour & mood
  • support and strategies for parents

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