Out and About - Trampolining

Sunday 07 August 2022
16:45 to 18:45

Autism and learning disability friendly session.

Cost - £8.50 per person, carers come for free. Bring the cash with you on the day.

If you have jump socks, please bring them. If not you will need to buy them at the start, they cost £2.65 extra.

Everyone taking part in this session will need to fill in and sign a participant consent form.

The form asks about your medical conditions and has a list of the rules.

You may like some help from a parent or carer to fill in the form.

Medical information from the Oxygen website -

If you have any medical condition that may affect your ability to safely jump on a trampoline, you must consult a doctor 1st and write down all the details on your form.

If you have a pre-existing injury or disability we may require you to bring a signed doctor’s note to confirm it is safe for you to participate in the session.

If you have Down Syndrome – we require a signed doctor’s note to confirm participation for each visit.

Contact Emily
07784 979 340
Oxygen Freejumping Trampoline Park
Purley Way
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Cost £8.50